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Smith and Associates Inc Blog: 7_2018

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Has your teen driver just received their drivers license? Check out these apps that can help keep your driver safe! READ MORE >>

Will your car insurance cover you if you are in an accident while driving a rental car? Click Here for Answer READ MORE >>

Is your teen driver getting their license soon? Click here for a few tips to help you choose a safe vehicle. READ MORE >>

Every time you take your boat and/or personal watercraft out on the water is a new experience. No matter how many trips you have under your belt, it is best to freshen up on boat safety before each voyage. Be sure you and your passengers follow these safe boating tips and practices to help promote an incident-free return from each outing. READ MORE >>

Your home is one of your most valuable possessions, along with everything inside. It is a place you want to feel safe and secure from the potential dangers of the outside world. Employing and engaging in some basic best practices around home security is the first step to help create a secure environment for your loved ones and family. READ MORE >>

Great Savings of 18% Off Fitbit Devices, Plus Free Shipping for Blue365 Members. Click here to see how to claim this offer! READ MORE >>

Staying safe during hot summer months is easy, right? Not quite. Drinking lots of water and wearing sunscreen isn’t enough. There’s more. To help, here are some questions and answers about summer safety you need to know in order to keep summer fun. READ MORE >>

Did you know that extreme heat has killed more people in recent years than all other natural disasters combined?  Between 1999 and 2009, there were an average of 658 heat-related deaths per year in the United States. READ MORE >>

When using a portable generator, it is important to take precautions for your safety and the safety of those in your home. Follow these guidelines for safe generator use: READ MORE >>

Backyard entertaining has gotten more elaborate in recent years. Fire pits are helping homeowners extend the backyard season, and today’s playsets involve more than a simple set of swings and a slide. Whether backyard entertaining means spending time by the swimming pool or gather... READ MORE >>

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